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Accurate & Easy Print, Copy, and Scan Tracking

Argos OnBoard tracks printing, copying, and scanning right from the panel of your MEAP-compatible Canon printer. With As-Printed Tracking, Argos OnBoard for Canon works with or without a print server–even in a serverless cloud environment for ultimate flexibility. Argos works around your print workflows instead of interrupting them.

Simplified and Secure Printing

Argos Print Release securely holds every print job, so the document is only printed when the user accesses the printer with their PIN code or prox card. Argos Print Release provides document security and reduces print waste to keep your printing costs low.

Argos Print Release can de-mystify printing by providing one single print queue for an entire fleet of printers. Users just click print, and can pick up their print job at any printer by just entering a PIN code or swiping their prox card.

Beautifully Reported

Argos shows you every document, organized by user, department, printer, location, paper type, client, and more. With over twenty professionally designed reports, and hundreds more available, you’ll see your print and copy expenses with clarity and precision. Every Argos report is customizable because it’s built on Crystal Reports, the industry-standard reporting engine.


• Embedded all-software solution
• PIN code or prox card authentication
• As-Printed Tracking
• Secure Print and Pull Print functionality through Argos Print Release
• Cost recovery for client bill-back
• Flexible cost calculator models any scenario
• Compatible with EFI Fiery RIP controllers 

Supported Printers


C259iF, C359iF, 6980i, 8905i, 8995i, 8986i, C3935i, C3930i, C3926i, C3922i, 4945i, 4935i, 4925i

• 719iF, 719iFZ, 619iF, 619iFZ, 529iF, 529iFZ

• 527iF, 527iFZ, 617iF, 617iFZ, 717iF, 717iFZ
• 4725, 4725F, 4725i, 4735, 4735F, 4735i, 4745, 4745F, 4745i, 4751, 4751i
• 6000, 6000i, 6755, 6755i, 6760, 6765, 6765i, 6780, 6780i, 6855i, 6860i, 6870i
• 8705, 8705B, 8705i, 8786, 8786B, 8786i, 8795, 8795B, 8795i
• C257iF, C357iF, C477iF, C477iFZ, C478iF, C478iFZ, C568iF, C568iFZ
• C3720, C3720F, C3720i, C3725, C3725i, C3730, C3730F, C3730i, C3826i, C3830i, C3835i
• C5735, C5735F, C5735i, C5740, C5740F/ C5740i, C5750, C5750F/ C5750i, C5760, C5760F, C5760i, C5840i, C5850i, C5860i, C5870i
• C7765, C7765i, C7770, C7770i, C7780, C7780i


• 400iF, 500iF, 525, 525i, 525iF, 525iFZ, 525iZ, 525 III, 525i III, 525iF III, 525iFZ III, 525iZ III, 615i, 615iF, 615iFZ, 615iZ, 615i III, 615iF III, 615iFZ III, 615iZ III, 715i, 715iF, 715iFZ, 715iZ, 715i III, 715iF III, 715iFZ III, 715iZ III
• 4025, 4035, 4045, 4051, 4225, 4235, 4245, 4525, 4525F, 4525i, 4525 III, 4525F III, 4525i III, 4535, 4535F, 4535i, 4535 III, 4535F III, 4535i III, 4545, 4545F, 4545i, 4545 III, 4545F III, 4545i III, 4551, 4551i, 4551 III, 4551i III 
• 6055, 6065, 6075, 6255, 6265, 6275, 6555, 6555i, 6555 III, 6555i III, 6560, 6560 III 6565, 6565i, 6565 III, 6565i III, 6575, 6575i, 6575 III, 6575i III 
• 8085, 8095, 8105, 8205, 8285, 8295, 8505, 8585, 8585i, 8585B, 8585 III, 8585B III, 8595, 8595i, 8595B, 8595 III, 8595i III, 8595B III 
• C255, C255i, C255iF, C256, C256i, C256iF, C256 III, C256i III, C256iF III
• C355, C355P, C355F, C355i, C355iF, C355iFC, C356, C356i, C356P, C356F, C356iF, C356 III, C356P III, C356i III, C356iF III, C356F III
• C475i III, C475iF III, C475iFZ III, C475iZ III
• C2020, C2025, C2030, C2220, C2225, C2230 
• C3520, C3520F, C3520i, C3520 III, C3520F III, C3520i III, C3525, C3525i, C3525 III, C3525i III, C3530, C3530F, C3530i, C3530 III, C3530F III, C3530i III
• C5030, C5035, C5045, C5051, C5235, C5240, C5250, C5255, C5535, C5535i, C5535F, C5535 III, C5535i III, C5535F III, C5540, C5540i, C5540F, C5540 III, C5540i III, C5540F III, C5550, C5550i, C5550F, C5550 III, C5550i III, C5550F III, C5560, C5560i, C5560F, C5560 III, C5560i III, C5560F III
• C7055, C7065, C7260, C7270, C7280, C7565, C7565i, C7565i III, C7570, C7570i, C7570 III, C7570i III, C7580, C7580i, C7580 III, C7580i III
• C9060, C9065, C9070, C9075, C9270 PRO, C9280 PRO


• 105+, 2270, 2870, 3025, 3030, 3035, 3045, 3225, 3230, 3245, 3235, 3570, 4570, 5050, 5055, 5065, 5070, 5075, 5570, 6570, 7086, 7095, 7105, 8070, 85+, 9070
• C2550, C2880, C3080, C3170, C3380, C3480, C3880, C4080, C4580, C5058, C5068, C5180, C5185, C5870, C6870


• V700, V800, V900

• 1110, 1125, 1135
• C1+, C6000, C7000
• C710, C810, C910

• C65, C650, C750, C850

• Lite C165, Lite C170 Series, Lite C265, Lite C270

Don't see your model on this list? Contact us for more information. 

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