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Accurate & Easy Print, Copy, and Scan Tracking

Argos OnBoard tracks printing, copying, and scanning right from the panel of your OSA-compatible Sharp printer. Argos tracks printing with or without a print server, and works around your printing workflows rather than interrupting them. 

Beautifully Reported

Argos shows you every document, organized by user, department, printer, location, paper type, client, and more. With over twenty professionally-designed reports, and hundreds more available, you’ll see your print and copy expenses with clarity and precision. Every Argos report is customizable because it’s built on Crystal Reports, the industry-standard reporting engine.


• Embedded all-software solution
• PIN code or prox card authentication
• Single Sign-On
• As-Printed Tracking
• Cost recovery for client bill-back
• Flexible cost calculator models any scenario


  • Compatible OSA-enabled Sharp printer (OSA 2.x-5.x)  

  • Sharp AMX-3 External Account Module license

Supported Printers

MX Series

MX-M Series

  • 1800N, 2000F, 2010U, 2300FG, 2300G, 2300N, 230x, 2301N, 2310U, 2314N, 2600N, 2610N, 2614, 2614N, 2615, 2640N, 2700FG, 2700G, 2700N, 3100N, 310x, 3110N, 3114N, 3115N, 3140N, 3500FN, 3500N, 3501FN, 3501N, 360x, 3610N, 3640N, 3060N, 3560N, 4060N, 4100N, 4101N, 410x, 4110, 4111, 4111N, 4140N, 4141N, 4500FN, 4500N, 4501FN, 4501N, 3070N, 3570N, 4070N, 5070N, 6070N, 5001N, 500x, 5070V, 5111, 5111N, 5140N, 5141N, 5500N, 6200N, 6201N, 6240N, 6500N, 7000N, 7001N, 7040N, 7500N, 900N, 2651, 3051, 355, 4051, 3071, 3571, 4071, 2630N, 3050V, 3550V and 4050V, 3070V, 3570V, 4070V, 2651, 3051, 355, 4051, 5071, 6070V, 6071, 6580N, 7580N, 3551, 5050V, 5051, 6050V, 6051, 7090N, 8090N

  • M264, M264N, M266N, M282N, M283, M283N, M314, M314N, M316N, M350, M350F, M350N, M350U, M354N, M350F, M350N, M350U, M354N, M362N, M363, M363N, M365N, M450, M450F, M450N, M450U, M452N, M453, M453N, M464, M465N, M502N, M503N, M550, M550N, M550U, M564N, M565N, M620, M620N, M620U, M623, M623N, M654N, M700, M700N, M700U, M753N, M754N, M850, M904, M950, M1100, M1054, M1055, M1100, 1100N, M1204,  M1205, M3070, M3071, M3570, M3571, M4070, M4071, M5070, M5071, M6070, M6071, M753, M850, M904, M905

MX-B Series

  • B38x, B40x, MXB355W, B376W, B455W, B476W

MX-C Series

  • C301W, C304W, C311, C312N, C381, C401

Don't see your model on this list? Contact us for more information. 

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