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Track Everything

Argos’ EFI Fiery integration tracks 100% of Fiery printing. Argos tracks reprints sent through EFI’s Command Workstation or from the panel of the MFP. Every single print is tracked, no matter how it was sent.

Accurate and Out of the Way

By communicating directly with the Fiery RIP server, Argos accurately tracks as-printed data. Who printed it, how many pages, what size, color or black & white. Argos knows. Other tracking software tracks the print before it gets to the printer or RIP, which means the page count, size, and color usage can be inaccurate.


Track prints and Command Workstation reprints from EFI Fiery

  • As-Printed tracking—only track the actual print output

  • Require users to assign print costs to project/department codes with powerful costing and reporting features

  • Integrates with accounting systems to keep billing codes up to date and automate imports back into accounting system for billing

Supported Printers

Works with Fiery RIP servers running on Konica Minolta, Xerox, Canon, Sharp, Ricoh, Toshiba, and more!

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