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Track usage, reduce waste, and get reimbursed by clients for print and copy expenses—without slowing the pace of business. Argos print management software offers robust print and copy tracking with an intuitive interface, tight accounting integration, and slick reports.


Download a free trial of Argos today and see for yourself.

What You'll Get

• A fully-functional, 10-day trial of Argos with access to all Argos features
• Compatibility with all major multi-function printers and copiers
• Complete reporting capability—gain instant insight into your usage
• World-class tech support to help you take full advantage of your trial

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We’re constantly adding new features to Argos.

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Questions about upgrading? Please review our documentation or reach out to our support staff.

Argos 8.2.5 (released 9/2022)

• Add ability to schedule emailed XLS reports

• Performance enhancements and minor bug fixes

Argos 8.2.3 (released 11/2021)

• Updated Mac Client to work with MacOS 12 Monterey
• Updated Deltek Vantagepoint Project Import

• Performance enhancements and minor bug fixes

Argos 8.2.2 (released 8/2021)

• Updated Integration service licensing
• Added Support for new Canon IPF series printers
• Updated Argos OnBoard for Canon MFDs to support new licensing model and latest printers

• Updated Argos OnBoard for Ricoh for new printers

• Microsoft .NET version 4.7.2 or higher is required on any server or workstation running the Argos Manager or Application Server components. We recommend applying all Microsoft Critical Updates and .NET updates, and restarting the computer prior to beginning your Argos 8 upgrade.
• Microsoft .NET version 4.6 or higher is required on any server or workstation running Argos Print Tracking or Argos Desktop Client components.
• Customers using media-based tax rates will need to migrate to location-based tax rates.
• Customers with custom reports or accounting exports that rely on tax rates should have Sepialine Support review their Argos 7 configuration before upgrading.
• Read the upgrade notes before installing. 

Upgrading from version 7.7.6 or earlier?

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